Why you should be trading 1256? What is it?

We get asked all the time at Futures Trading Coach about trading futures vs. stock options. There are many differences to consider between the two but a few of  the biggest differences are the capital required and the favorable tax treatment that futures allows for. There is a lot to it and we certainly are not accountants (we stick to trading!) but check out this great free webinar from the Money Show:



Futures are an excellent tool to use where you can trade with a reasonable sized account, have a favorable tax treatment and day trade to be flat at the end of the day and take all your risk off the table so you can sleep well at night!


Whether you are in our trading call room or a full mentoring student learning to trade, we help you along the way. Our call room offers help with every aspect of the trade day from:

  • Market analysis
  • Trading calls which include the market, setup, direction and price
  • Help along the way while we are in the trade with default and posted extended targets
  • Training for the call room itself – so you can get a head start and get comfortable with the trading room and environment


For mentoring students — this is a personalized ONE-ON-ONE comprehensive training into our method and the markets. You will learn, and your trade plan will be personalized to you. We are all individual traders – Full mentoring teaches you everything you need to navigate the markets!


Be sure if you have any questions to use the contact methods on the site and we will get back to you right away!