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Trade the Market you GOT not the market you WANT!

I made an image and posted it to social media and got a bunch of DM’s about it and questions about what it meant and how they can use it to help them.

As traders, we all try to trade to make a profit and also because its fun! But we all have to know when to trade and when not to trade. Just because you wake up in the morning saying “I need to make a certain amount per day” does not mean the market is listening. The market does not care about you. It does not care about anything. It is simply a price reflection of daily activity (buyers and sellers).

Often times i hear from traders (who have been struggling for quite some time) saying “Oh the market ate me alive today. Or, i was not focused, or i rushed my trades or i took too many trades and on and on and on. All that really means is ‘you do not know how to trade’. And thats okay. But we can not keep going around for days and weeks and years pretending something that simply is not there. How much more money are you willing to loose to try to ‘figure it out’ on your own and most importantly why would you want to?

Now, the biggest reason i hear from traders about why they do this is they search and search and can not find someone who can properly teach them. We get that. But once you find the proper people who can help you it is important to embrace that, not give up and remember most people that are sucessfull in life learned their craft from someone else. Whether it was a family business that you grew into – you got free information because it was your family but you also put the time in (sometimes years or decades). But most opportunities are not for free. It’s not how life typically works. Do you think a college is going to train you how to be a doctor or lawyer for free? Heck no! Its like 150 grand more at most major universities. And, you graduate with little guarantees. Yet many people in the world go that path. They pick a profession they like or think they will be good at and pay for the education. Often times with trading, however, it is a totally different story. For some reason, most traders who are listening to a bunch of other people who can’t trade are told all sorts of untruths. I can tell you that in ‘some’ cases, rare cases a very small percentage of the time someone will ‘figure it out’. Often times, they put in years or decades and if they dont loose all their trading capital first they may turn the corner. But lets make no mistake about it, this is a very low percentage of the cases. The best people I know at anything in life learned their craft from someone who knew more and happily paid for that information because they had faith that in the end they would come out smarter than they went in. But again, for some reason with a lot of traders I talk to the mindset is different.

The problem is if you are struggling you simply dont know where the trades are for the given time frame you are trading on and are not able to get in without respecting a reasonable stop loos. Or worse yet — you dont trade with a stop! You dont know when to trade or when not to trade. I continue to get traders charts from say a morning session in the /es and there are like 15-20 trades. I have a news flash — there are not 15-20 good moves in the market on ANY morning let alone 99.9999% of them. If you are trading this way you are guessing. Some people call it scalping but in the end its the same. A lot of headaches, a lot of commmissions to your broker, a lot of wasted time but in the end you make zero or very little money or blow out your account.

This is because you are not taking trades based on market structure and based off of moves that are very predictibile based on what the normal retail traders are doing vs the High Frquency Traders, Algorightms and bots that are out there. These exist every day trying to take your money and make money for themselves. By accurately being able to come and and evalutate ‘what type of market you GOT”. you can then properly know what to do both with futures position sizing and when to be involved and when not to be involved with trading.

That being said (and this is where it gets confusing and tricky for most traders) most things that traders look at that dont work individually actually have SOME merit. Whether it is market profile, volume profile, moving averages, bollinger bands etc. But having merit and being a complete trading methodology that is replicable and consistent are two totally different things. It is very hard to make money with bits and peices of information about the market. You need to know more! You need to know when you are in a trade specifcally WHY are you in it? Not just I think the market is going to bounce off the 200 SMA. You need to know why you are getting out? You need to know warning signs for a potential reversal. You need to know how to hold a runner and when. When to try to trail a position and how far away. It is not one size fits all. It is very dynamic (exspecally on smaller time frames).

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