Managed Futures or Trade on your own?

The managed futures market tops 264 billion dollars in AUM (assets under management). But should you trade your own account or leave it to the ‘PROS’?. While we could argue for both under the condition that you must pick the right program, this is very hard to do as their are tens of thousands out there. Consider this as posted by the March Eureka-hedge Monthly Report:


The US$264.3 billion CTA/managed futures mandated hedge funds reported their biggest monthly performance-based losses since June 2004, totalling US$19.4 billion in February bringing their 2018 year-to-date performance-based figures down to the red, with losses totalling US$9.2 billion. Meanwhile, investors allocated US$0.8 billion into the mandate during the month and US$3.9 billion year-to-date.


That means the average fund lost over 7% on the month (some MUCH more) and now the average account is in the NEGATIVE for the YEAR!


Yes —  that means if you give your money to someone to manage for futures for you  you are lucky to have a profit ALL YEAR so far and be up any money at all.


Consider that comparing to what we do at Futures Trading Coach and I think you will see the choice is obvious. We are big advocates of taking control of your own future and finances when at all possible.


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