Trading Room Results

Trading Alert Call Room Results

Some companies just post their trading room results in a grid and tell you how many points they won or lost for a given day. This can be confusing because it leaves out a lot of variables such as when they took their trades, how they got into them and where they took profits. At Futures Trading Coach what we have done is made a video recap for each day explaining the entries, how they were managed and why. You can click below to see the results. The live trading room is for the ES contract S&P EMINI (ES) and crude oil (CL) contract. That is what we trade in the live call alert room.

DNA CL Crude Oil Mentoring Room Results

In the DNA mentoring room where students are actively trading and learning the method in real-time, we focus on both Crude Oil (CL) and the S&P EMINI (ES) contracts. Since we have outlined trades in ES in the call room videos (click the above link to see those) we are only reporting Crude oil in these videos below, however we want to point out that in our mentoring room both are actively traded. The methodology will work with any market and people in our mentoring room are also trading the TF, 6E, 6A and others.