Tips For Trading The
Russell Stock Index

The Russell Stock Index is a great market to trade as it tends to trend regularly and often has multi point moves many times during any given trading week.

The Russell Index covers 2000 small cap stocks and while it can be volatile, it is an ideal market for traders once they know how to enter and exit safely.

Below we have a daily chart of the Russell Stock Index...

Russell 2000 Daily Stock Index Chart

Even though this chart doesn't show us a strongly trending market, it was great up-trend that continued for many months. 

If you are more of a day-trader, the Russell Stock Index can give you regular opportunities to enter and exit trades just about every day.

Here is an intra-day example of a recent short-term run down in this index...

Russell 2000 Intra-day Stock Index Chart

Lower tops and bottoms - an easy down-trend to capture, once you know what to look for.

And here is a longer term intra-day rally (using a 15 minute chart) showing a 14 point rise in the Russell 2000 Index.

Russell 2000 15 Minute Stock Index Chart

The key question is, how do you know when the Russell Stock Index is going to trend like this so you can get on board?

And what does a high probability trade setup in the Russell look like?

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