Your Frequent Futures Trading
Questions Answered...

Q. What training courses do you offer?

A. We offer a full mentoring program where you can learn our methodology one-on-one. You can get more information on our Membership Options page.

Q: Can I start to trade after I train with you?

A: Once we are through our initial one-on-one training you will be ready to trade the market. I suggest that you paper trade until you feel comfortable with your abilities. 

Once you are ready, you can put real money to work. 

Q I am a beginner, will your course work for me?

A: The best thing about a beginner is that you don’t have bad trading habits so you are my favorite type of student. Get ready for fun, freedom and success. 

I work with you until you are totally proficient in the markets. We will be in contact for as long as you are a trader. 

It's probably best to take our FREE trial to our live trading alert call room so you get a feel for what it's like to trade profitably, or request a Free phone consultation where we can discuss your goals and plans in detail. Then I can give you some firm recommendations.

Q: Why do you believe live online training is best?

A: You deserve the best education possible and that’s exactly what I provide to you. I really don’t believe you can learn properly from a HOME STUDY COURSE. 

There is too much to learn and you need your questions answered quickly!! 

Do you really want to read hundreds of pages of study material, listen to audio tapes and watch a stack of DVD's or do you want to get into the trenches from day one?

If you aren't sure, book yourself in for a Free 30 Minute Trading Consultation where we will look at what you are doing now and I'll make recommendations on where to go from there.

Q: Is your methodology geared for any particular market?

A: Yes, All markets such as the S&P, Nasdaq, Russell, Dow and even individual stocks and the Forex.. If there is an actively traded market then my methodology will work, including Stocks and currencies. 

Q: Is trading easy?

A: Nothing worthwhile in life is easy so the answer is no. After taking our FREE trial to our live trading alert call room, you will see how much easier it is when we are done with our training. The moderator that runs the live call room is trading the methodology and you would learn everything he knows when you decide to learn the method.

Q: What is so special about your course?

A: I compare my course to a fine gourmet restaurant. You will get soup to nuts as I open up my recipe book for you so that you trade the way I trade, and at the same time reduce the amount of stress that defeats so many traders. There is nothing like this anywhere at any price...

Q. I notice other sites have testimonials from previous students but you don't. Why not?

A. While we do have a testimonials page, I am not a believer in the typical testimonials others use because they all sound good (have you ever seen a bad one?). 

The real testimonial for you will come from you watching live trades and seeing profitable trades using the methodology, which is why we offer the FREE trading alert call room trial so you can see for yourself what it's like to trade profitably. 

After you watch the FREE trial, you will be ready to make the move to the learning and mentoring side of whom and what I am and what I teach. Of course, you are also able to join the live trading call room as well where you can continue to get live calls but with this you do not learn the "whys" and "hows" of what is going on.

In the trading alert call room, you will not see anything that I use that is proprietary in nature, but you will hear and see how I trade and get a good feel for what it is like to do extremely well trading the futures markets. 

Q: How long have you been in the trading industry?

A: Well over TWO decades. I used to trade other peoples' accounts in the mid 90’s so I have seen all sides of the business. 

I traded the big S&P contract before the Emini contract came about. The key is to have a plan and work that plan. 

When you are ready to join our Mentorship, I will teach you everything you need to know so that you can be on your way to prosperity!!