Testimonials From Recent Graduates...

I am not a believer in the typical testimonials many other people use online because they all sound so good it's hard to know what's true and what's not (have you ever seen a bad testimonial anywhere?). 

However, I would like to share two letters I received from recent graduates of my 5-day coaching program, so you can get a feel for just what you could learn from the training.

The first letter is from an Osteopath based in the UK. Philip said...


"I have much greater personal freedom..."

As a Registered Osteopath I have a fulfilling and rewarding career. I love my work and enjoy the freedom I have as a self-employed practitioner. 

However, I am always aware of the fact that my family and I depend on the money I earn and that there are many things that could prevent me from working. 

Something as minor as a broken hand could cause considerable financial hardship for my family and I. Additionally, as an Osteopath I need to be at work on a regular basis, which means I feel tied to my practice and I do not see my family anywhere near as much as I would like. 

I have no sick pay, no paid holiday and if I am not working then the family has no money coming in. As such I have always been on the look-out for something that will allow me to earn additional income, part-time from the comfort of my home. 

Fortunately over the years I have developed an interest in the financial markets. Due to my lack of training I considered myself lucky to have come away with profits from a buy and hold strategy, but that really was down to luck and rising markets. 

It did however, whet the whistle.

After talking to a friend who successfully intra-day trades e-minis I realized that here was an opportunity to build a potentially lucrative alternate source of income. 

I spent a year or so studying technical analysis and took some training in trading, all of which was helpful but left me floundering around, at best churning a simulation account trying to trade the YM. 

I was struggling to get my head around the seemingly insanely complex markets and although I felt I was making progress, it all seemed very slow and that an income from this was a long way off. As often happens, just when I was starting to think about chucking it all in, one thing led to another and in the spring of 2007 I was then introduced to Sam Goldberg. 

We spoke at length about what I was trying to achieve and how I had been going about it. Sam re-assured me that whilst I hadn’t been wasting my time he had a method, developed over many years of professional trading, that was easy to understand and implement and that was capable of producing great returns. 

Well, I trained with Sam and I have to say that he was spot on. 

At the heart of his method is simplicity. The signals are as clear and as un-ambiguous signals as I have come across. The reality is that anyone with a basic rudimentary understanding of technical analysis (being able to find your way around a candlestick chart) has the potential to be taught this method. His understanding of the markets, why they do what they do and what is going on in the pit seems never-ending. 

Most importantly for me it was his ability to convey these things to me and relate it back to his series of set-ups in the charts that was the foundation of a level of understanding and a growing ability to trade successfully that I could not have dreamed of prior to training with Sam. 

Previously I was struggling under the mental “pressure” of being told that if I didn’t trade full-time I didn’t have a hope, especially as I was up against professional traders in the market place. 

No doubt, if I were able to trade full-time my progress would obviously be quicker but having Sam’s method gives me the ability to trade part-time and produce consistent returns. Having gone from really struggling to put together winning days I am now in a position where I haven’t had a red day in 3 weeks. 

I have sampled quite a few trading systems over the years, and Sam’s is the one that does it for me. It strips away a lot of the fog that can come with a technical approach and definitely shows you the wood from the trees. 

His set-ups get you into trades consistently earlier than any other method I have come across, and long before the trend continuation set-ups I was using before. His method keeps you in the trade longer, and teaches you to ruthlessly cut your losing positions, something which so few traders are able to do. 

Obviously I still have a long long way to go, and am learning more with each day, but this learning curve is made so much easier by being able to easily contact Sam to ask any question and get honest, straight-up answers and feed-back. 

The upshot is that I now feel that I have the inside track and that my family and I have much greater personal freedom and that alternate source of income that will allow me to work from home several days a week, and man that feels good!!

Thank you Sam,




The second letter was sent to me by Anthony Boyatzis who lives in Perth, Western Australia...


"I have been privy to your methodology that words
alone cannot describe, and I felt confidence and
certainty for the first time..."

In July 2004 I discovered trading for the first time and recognized the massive potential in becoming a successful trader. There was something about this profession that intrigued me. It was like something had crawled under my skin creating a perpetual itch that needed my urgent attention. 

I immediately set a personal objective to learn all I could and become a professional trader. Today I am doing that and I want to thank you for playing an instrumental role in creating the certainty within that has enabled me to achieve that goal.

For over two years I approached this business with diligence and spent every spare moment dedicated to learning the art of trading. I was doing ok, but who can survive or be a professional trader on an ok income? 

One week I would trade well then more often than not would give most of it back the following week. I wanted to change that and do so very quickly.

I consider myself to be of reasonable intelligence and have been fortunate enough to have experienced success in other areas of my life including business and sport. 

I had decided very early on in my trading journey that I was going to succeed at this game but at that time was unsure exactly how I was going to make it happen. I had learned from past experience that to succeed in any chosen field or endeavor there is one very important decision that has to be made. 

In my trading career up until January this year I had not made such a commitment and it was reflected in my slow progress. I needed to find one of the very best traders out there and then convince them to dedicate his or her time to help me achieve my goals. 

In January 2007 and after nearly 3 years of searching
I found in you the right man for that job...

I have always believed that the level of success achieved is directly proportional to an individual’s willingness to bear pain. Until I began to work with you I can vouch categorically (as you know) that the profession of trading was not an exception to this rule. 

I had suffered my fair share of pain as have many others. I also knew that there would be much more of it to come unless I changed more than a few things about the way I traded. 

In January 2007 I committed to start working with you. After completing your 5-day course I knew I had stumbled across something extremely powerful. I walked away after 5 days with enough ammunition to succeed in a big way and shrug those trading monkeys off my back once and for all. I knew I had chosen well my trading mentor and coach.

First I was working alongside the very best trader I personally have crossed paths with. I have met many so called great traders all by their own admissions that talked a great game but never proved it. 

From the moment I started working with you I knew instantly you were the real deal. You are an outstanding trader as well as an excellent educator. You explained how, taught me how and then in real-time showed me how it was meant to be done. 

Seeing you trading your methodology, using your proprietary indicators for the first time was a mind blowing experience and one I will always remember.

I have been privy to your methodology
that words alone cannot describe. 

I was taught a clear, concise, high probability method of trading that works 100% of the time if applied precisely and as it is taught. 

Your methodology simplifies what can be the most difficult art to master. It is objective and easy to follow and creates the potential for any committed trader to achieve the success they desire. Well, as long as they are consistent and persistent in their efforts and they follow the rules that you have set out. It is working very well for me so far.

Second I began to experience emotions that were previously foreign to me as a trader. I felt confidence and certainty for the first time and more importantly I had gained a through understanding of how to trade properly, that is like a real pro. 

You made it clear to me that trading was not a science but an art. By working with you I am mastering this art form rapidly and prospering financially as a result. What an immense feeling.

You introduced me to many rules of the game of trading that I never knew existed. You have not only informed me of those rules and how they apply but also how to benefit from knowing them. This in itself has greatly contributed to and allowed me to obtain a 70%+ win: loss ratio in my trading. 

Given the short time I have been trading your methodology I am very excited as I know there is still much room for improvement. 

Finally I just want to say that I appreciate your enthusiasm, your energy and your willingness to pass on to me over 14 years of your hard earned knowledge and experience. 

Your method is phenomenal and I am both extremely grateful and thankful that you have been willing to share with me such a powerful discovery. As you know I am using it wisely and plan to keep building on the high level of success I am currently achieving as I move into the future.

I look forward to continuing our work together and building on the strong friendship, both personal and professional, that we share.

I never thought making a lot of money could be so much fun!

Thankyou very much for everything. 


Anthony Boyatzis

Professional Trader
Perth, Australia


When was the last time you read such heart felt messages from students of a trading coach?

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