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Trading Emini futures can be the ultimate lifestyle business. Short hours, potentially big returns, no boss to answer to, you can work from home, and much more. But not everyone becomes a successful on his or her own. A few sessions with a Futures Trading Coach can permanently change that.

Having traded and spoken with many Emini traders and traders in other markets over the years, I've found that the vast majority never achieve their full potential and in fact many spend years in a fruitless search for Emini trading success.

I see letters come across my desk from traders everywhere that basically boil down to something like this -


Hey Sam, 

I really need some help. I've tried everything I know of to become a successful trader and I'm getting nowhere fast. I've been trading the Emini for about 3 years, I've spent a fortune on courses, seminars and books, but I still can't seem to make it. 

I'm embarrassed to say that despite everything I've spent buying products and courses, I haven't seen any positive results at all so far. 

I've worked hard on this and I've learned a lot, but with so many people making promises and claims that don't add up, I've just about had enough. I just need someone to help me understand what to do. 

I don't want to read another 300-page book. I don't want to watch another DVD course with 40 different trade setups and reams of paperwork to wade through. I just want to learn to trade profitably from somebody who'll show me what to do.

Where can I find somebody who will actually teach me how to trade profitably? Can you help me or do I just give the whole thing away and go and get a job? I know my wife would be very relieved if I gave it away and just did that after all we've been through.

A Very Anxious Trader


It's sad, but this is what is happening every day out there in the trading world. Good honest people are losing money in the market and they don't know where to turn to stop the bleeding. 

Trading can be the ultimate lifestyle business, but it can also be very difficult to master.

So if you are in this situation, how can finally get yourself out of it, turn things around and start trading the Emini profitably?

Here's the solution...

All great sportsmen and women have coaches to help them perfect their game. All great businessmen and women have advisors, and mentors to coach and guide them. All great actors have agents, advisors and mentors who they admire, respect and learn from. For you to become a great trader, you can't expect to do it on your own either.

What you need to do is find an Emini trader who is already successful who will show you exactly what he or she does as they enter and exit profitable trades, and then coach you to do the same. 

Learning to trade from books and courses is a great start, but to really master this business, you've got to go to the source. You've got to be able to ask questions, get immediate answers and study not only the actions of successful traders, but also the mindset they have as they go through each step of the trading process.

How do they handle profits? How do they handle losses? What are their trade confirmation signals? How do they know when a trade is going against them and what do they do to manage the situation. You simply can't learn these things from books or courses. 

You have to sit with a successful trader and go through it with them as they do it and let the experience rub off on you.

Going back to sport, can you imagine Tiger Woods not having a golf coach and still winning majors? It just wouldn't happen would it? 

We all need somebody on the outside looking in to help up improve and see the things that we can't see from our own perspective. A coach or mentor can do that for us and can guide us towards being successful at whatever it is we want to achieve, and trading is no different to anything else. 

If you are struggling to become a successful, consistently profitable Emini trader, invest the time and book yourself in for a Free30 Minute Trading Consultation. We'll look at your trading in detail and I'll share my decade of Emini trading experience with you to help you to get your trading back on track.

It's the fastest, least expensive way of becoming a profitable trader you'll ever find and it beats trying to learn by trial and error (and the inevitable losses this entails) hands down.

Simply use the form below to book Free 30 Minute Trading Consultation and we can work together on your trading with absolutely no cost or obligation.

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