Trading The Emini
Nasdaq Futures...

Sam Goldberg

Your Futures Trading Coach 

and Mentor

Emini Nasdaq day trading is a whipsaw market at times do to the erratic nature of the Nasdaq market. 

The value of each tick on the Nasdaq is $5 so every full point is worth $20. If the rules of trading that I teach you are used and you utilize your discipline than you can have a real fun time making money trading the Nasdaq market. 

I personally enjoy trading the Nasdaq market when the Emini S&P is having a slow day. 

The beautiful reality of what I will personally teach you is that Emini Nasdaq day trading is quick, fun and rewarding when your skill set is utilized. The liquidity of the Nasdaq is usually there and you can get you fills most of the time at your price. 

The problem begins when you start to chase the market because you missed the trade. In other words the Nasdaq has made a move to the upside by lets say 5 points and you decide for no set reason that you are going to go long. 

The question you have to ask yourself I, "why did I take this trade after the "move"?" 

I am not saying that it is necessarily wrong to have gone long, what I am saying is you need many reasons for every trade you take. The market is a place that will chop you into pieces and spit you out. 

Remember that other traders don’t care about you so you need to care about yourself and do the right thing.

I am the person who will set you straight and mentor you until you plead with me that you have all of the tools to make you successful. 

Whether it is Emini Nasdaq day trading or any other Emini index, I will show you the rules I use as well as how I trade. This will make it very easy for you.

Remember, anyone can throw a 500 page book in the mail with 3-5 CDs and tell you that's all you need to be successful. The problem is, how can you effectively learn this way? 

My answer is you can’t. You need intensive mentoring and coaching so that you can have all of your questions answered immediately. We are in a business of high finance and you deserve to be number 1 on the list. 

When you learn how Emini Nasdaq day trading works and you become efficient like the markets are, you will then look at yourself in the mirror and stand proud. You will remember the day I (Sam) told you to do this or that etc.. 

My motto is very simple: I guarantee that you will learn what I have learned in all of the years that I have been involved in the markets. Also, I will never release you to the trading vultures until you are ready. 

Today is the start of a new beginning so embrace it and get that special feeling in your stomach because my training is truly spectacular.

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