Tips For Trading The Emini
Dow Futures Contract...

Sam Goldberg

Your Futures Trading Coach 

and Mentor

Emini Dow trading is very similar to trading the S&P index as far as how they mirror one another. That being said they are totally different in there values. 

The Emini Dow has a value of $5 per tick or point and when the market is moving the points pile on very quickly. The question is whether or not you are on the correct side of the trade.

All traders must realize that Emini Dow trading is no different than trading the Emini S&P or the Emini Nasdaq or even the Emini Russell. 

The only thing you need to know and it is a very big thing is how to trade with your discipline that I will teach you. This discipline is simple once you understand all of the tools that go with it.

There are traders who trade the Emini Dow exclusively and do very well, conversely there are more traders who trade and lose because of lack of proper knowledge of the markets.

If you understand the major steps that need to be taken and you can identify high probability trade setups then you have a fantastic opportunity to do well in the trading environment. 

Always have your tools ready as a trader and you will use all of them. The question is what tools do you need? I will show you what you need and what you don’t need. 

I like to make trading as simplistic as I can, and I do. You have not come to me for a long drawn out boring view of the markets. You have come to find out how to properly trade the markets and that is exactly what I will do for you. 

There is a lot of garbage out there in the trading world and I have seen most of it. Why put yourself through course after course? You can’t afford to waste anymore time or money so let’s make this the last course you take!!

I am 100% committed to your success and will be with you every step of the way. Whether it is Emini Dow trading or any other index I will show you how to properly trade the markets so get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

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