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From: Sam Goldberg

Re: An additional, ongoing income stream for you

Hi and thank you for wanting to know more about making money from our programs and services.

In short, if you have friends, family, or customers who trade the market whom you think would like to become much more successful, we would love to have you on our sales team so to speak.

This is called being an “affiliate.” 

Which means you can send people to www.FuturesTradingCoach.com via a special tracking link that is unique to you (and which we send to you). 

What happens is that when people click on your link, they will see our special webpage promoting our Free 5-Day Mini Course. But invisibly (via special code), we will know that YOU sent them there. 

Which means that if they decide to buy any of our products or services, you will be credited with a sale. Not bad for just sending out a little link huh? 

Basically we do ALL the work for you

We process the money. We do the training, handle the telephone consultation or ship the product. We ensure that every person you refer who orders anything from us has a great experience. 

And then around 4-6 weeks after they order and pay us, we send you a cheque or credit your PayPal account for the amount of sales you sent our way. 

It’s good for us, because it saves us time on marketing. And it’s good for you because it’s basically “money for nothing.”

Even better, their details are stored as “your” customers for 10 years. So should they decide to purchase from us within that period, again, you get credited with that sale. (Better than a real job!) 

That’s why it really pays to promote your link (leading to our website containing the Free Mini Course) whenever and wherever possible. Via emails, newsletters, blogs and via your website (if you have one). 

In fact, because our training courses are becoming quite popular, it makes you look like you really are on the cutting edge when you support us. So your credibility is maintained, even heightened. 

And we look after you customers in a very professional way. We couldn’t function for very long if we didn’t – so please be assured of that. 

Now how much money can you make?

There are 2 levels with the Futures Trading Coach affiliate program .

1) For example, you'll earn $999 commission for every person who takes our 5 day Emini Mastery Coaching program – this is for every person you refer to us who wants to participate and learn how to maximize their trading income

2) And you'll earn an additional $199 commission for every person referred to us by anybody who YOU refer – this is to encourage you to refer people to us who reach other traders who want to improve their results.

Now obviously, it’s a smarter choice to both promote the our training services AND to find other people who reach traders and refer them to us as well. Simply because you’ll make more money (it's called a Two-tier affiliate program). That’s because we really want to reward our affiliate partners. 

This could be your first experience in using the internet to make money. And the great part is, the people who decide to take our training courses because of your encouragement will get MASSIVE value. 

That’s for sure. So your income will be legitimate for you, and great value for your friends, family or customers. 

Goodness, they can even choose to do the same as you too! They can become an affiliate just like you can and earn referral fees just by sharing their affiliate link with their friends and other people they know.

Ready to get started?

Just CLICK HERE to sign up to our affiliate program. It’s easy and it’s free (even better right? It doesn’t cost you a thing to “join our team”) 

You can get started right away. When you log into your affiliate account, there's some promotional articles and email messages you can use with your affiliate link already inserted, so you can just copy it and send them virtually immediately. 

It really is a no-brainer. 

You can't lose. It won’t cost you a thing. It won’t take very much work. Yet you stand to make a lot of money if you do it right. 

And in the affiliate coaching course you can subscribe to from the thank you page as soon as you join the program, we'll show you how to get started immediately.

Rocky Tapscott is also our full-time affiliate manager and he's bend over backwards to help you make the most of this opportunity.

I'm looking forward to welcoming you as our partner in sales. If you're ready to join us, just CLICK HERE to get started. 


Futures Trading Coach.com


Futures Trading Coach Affiliate Manager



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