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Analysing stock index movements and trading the market has captured the attention of thousands of people who have started trading, either part time or full time, over the last couple of years. But how do you trade these markets profitably? 

It seems that many traders are still trying to work this out...and there are as many 'systems' for analysing stock index movements as there are traders these days.

When the advent of the S&P 500 index by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, I needed to find a way to analyze the movements of this index and then trade the entry and exit signals my system gave me. 

The good news is that I perfected a great methodology for analysing stock index movements which has given me the freedom I to not only trade the S&P 500 but also the NASDAQ 100 which was released years later, followed by the S&P mid-cap 400 as well as the Russell 2000 which is made up of 2000 small capitalization stocks.

My system also works on Stocks, currencies and other markets just as well as it does on indexes.

When I use this system of market analysis, I always look for high probability set-ups that will give me a good entry or exit point for my trades. 

I know that I can buy the market or I can go short with great confidence, and as long as the market does what I expect it to do I make money as a trader. If it doesn't I'm safely taken out by my stop loss order.

So, why do people get it wrong when
they analyze stock index movements? 

The answer is lack of knowledge and lack of discipline. If a trader can find a futures trading coach to teach him how to trade, that trader will become the best trader he could be, however many people try to go it alone, often with catastrophic results...

A trader has to learn how to interpret and analyze stock index movements the proper way or he can go through a fortune learning how to trade - many people never recover from this drawn-out 'learning experience'.

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