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Thank You For Joining The Futures Trading Coach Affiliate Program...

Hi, it's Rocky Tapscott again, affiliate manager for the Futures Trading Coach Affiliate program. I'd like to welcome you and thank you for joining us as our partner in sales.

By simply promoting our Free 5 day mini course, we'll track every person you send to us for the next 10 years.  

And when one of the people you refer orders ANY of our products, from the Emini Trading Alert Room Service right up to the 5-Day Personal Mentoring Course, you'll earn a commission.

On the Trading Alert Room you'll earn $100 per month for every paid up subscriber, for every month they stay a member. If somebody you refer joins the 5 day Personal Mentoring Course, you'll earn $999!

Now as you can imagine, it doesn't take long for those $100 per month per member residual income checks, or those $999's Coaching Course sales, to add up to some serious money. Plus you'll earn second tier commissions as well on any products member's of your team sell.

We're constantly adding more products and services to our range so you have a growing opportunity to earn additional commissions for years to come.

Remember you'll earn ongoing commissions when your referred customers come back to order. You earn ongoing commissions on every product sold for up to 10 years. Get paid even if the customer comes back and buys 10 years from now.

Ok, let's get started...

Step 1 - Subscribe to our Affiliate Training Course so we can send you product and commission updates, important news, marketing materials you can use and much more to help you maximize your earnings from our program. 

Simply put your First Name and Primary Email Address into the form below and I'll send you regular updates -

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Then check your email and confirm your subscription so I can send you our ongoing affiliate training emails which will help you to maximize your earnings from every affiliate program you promote.

Step 2 - Watch this 7 minute video where I run through the workings of your affiliate account and show you how to get started promoting the program immediately.

Step 3 - Log In To Your Affiliate Account Here and choose the first email message entitled "Email Solo Mailing - 5 Day Mini Course" to start promoting the program. This message already contains your personal affiliate link and will encourage people to subscribe to the Free 5 Day Futures Trading Mastery Mini Course.

Just copy and paste the message into your email program and send it out to your OPT-In list. Feel free to personalize the message with your own voice and personal touch to suit your list members.

Once people visit the Free Mini Course opt-in page, they will be 'cookied' with your affiliate ID and will be your customers for up to 10 years. If they buy any of our products or services during that time, you will earn a commission.

Don't have a list of prospects or clients yet? No problem. Because our program is two-tier, you can get started promoting our products and services by becoming a Joint Venture Broker and encouraging people who DO have customer and prospect lists to promote Futures Trading Coach's services. 

The list or website owner you refer will earn the first tier commission of 25%, while you earn a 5% commission on their total sales as well.

For a great tutorial on setting up Joint Ventures with other website owners, grab a copy of Niche JV. It takes you step by step through the process of creating successful Joint Ventures and is well worth the small investment. You can learn more here.

Step 4 - I'll be sending you regular program updates and coaching emails containing lessons and tips on how you can increase your affiliate earnings.

For now, make sure you grab the first email message from the affiliate's area and send it out to your list if you have one. You could have people joining our system and be earning commissions from us today...

And if you have any problems or questions about the program, please let me know by using this form.

Once again, thank you for joining the Futures Trading Coach Affiliate program.

I'm looking forward to sending you ongoing commission checks for years to come,


P.S. Make sure you subscribe to the Affiliate Coaching Course using the form above and confirm your email address by clicking on the link in the message I'll be sending you when you subscribe, or you won't receive your Course which is full of tips on earning more as an affiliate marketer.


WARNING: A Note on Email Spam and Its Consequences 

Email messages and articles we provide to you may only be sent to your customers and opt-in email list subscribers who have asked to receive information from you. 

Sending out unsolicited email to promote Futures Trading Coach products or services will be considered SPAM and will result in your account being terminated and all outstanding referral fees being forfeited. 

We have is ZERO tolerance for promoting any Futures Trading Coach product or service via Spam email messages. 

Acceptable promotions include recommending Futures Trading Coach products and services in a personal email contact with friends or existing customers, in your opt-in autoresponder messages, to your newsletter and Mini Course subscribers, in content and articles placed on your web site, and even in niche email discussion lists where appropriate and allowable. 

Always remember to include list unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of every email in compliance with the current CAN SPAM legislation you send so that people who wish to be removed from your mailing list can do so easily. This will help to ensure that the people on your lists do not accuse you of spamming them. 

For further clarification, please visit -


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And, of course, if you have any questions about any promotion, or would like some help in making your affiliate marketing campaigns as successful as possible, make sure to contact our Affiliate Support Team at - 


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