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Where Do Traders And Investors Go? Follow Them With Google AdWords

Welcome to this issue of the Futures Trading Coach Affiliate Training Course. I hope you got a lot out of yesterdays lesson on creating your own personal brand. if you missed it, you can read it and here.

Today we are going to take a look at the Google AdWords system, which is undoubtedly one of THE best ways to capitalize on numerous untapped niches related to the trading and investing market. And if you know what you're doing, the profit potential is enormous.

I repeat... You MUST know what you're doing.

So the big question is...

Should you use AdWords to promote Futures Trading Coach's training courses and other services? And if so, what's the best way to reach potential traders through this advertising channel?

First, let me warn you AWAY from money-losers...

Go to Google and type in the basic trading-related keywords - things like futures trading, emini trading, and futures trading course

You'll notice Google ads from heavy hitters like Brokers, financial institutions and large investment firms. Bidding against these companies will cost you a quite a bit. Not a good idea...

Instead, put on your creative hat to come up with less competitive keywords associated with trading, investing and related fields where the cost per click is not as high.

Use one of the many brainstorming tools availalbe to generate keyword demand for less expensive keywords related to the keywords like trading, day trading, investing, Emini, futures, wealth, debt, investing, asset protection, maybe even property. 

Dig deep and you'll find interesting niche words with REAL potential and at a cheap price.

If you don't have Site Build It, use your favorite keyword tool to generate keywords that offer potential. 

Here's another strategy...

Do a Google search for some trading-related keywords. Comb through the trading and investing sites that you find and see what kinds of topics they focus on. 

This tells you where traders and investors go online. Generate campaign ideas to meet them right where they are!

One of the keys to AdWords success is to get creative and go where others are NOT going. Not only will you pay less per click, but your profit margins will be higher when you find a combination that... clicks!

Here are the steps to getting started...

1) Find less-competitive keyword phrases (keep costs down and maximize your ROI).

2) Test, test and test some more until you come up with ads for niches that bring in a profit. When you keep the best and drop the rest...

You'll be left with campaigns that turn $1 into $2, $5, or more :-). Just keep doing them, over and over and over again.

But remember...

1) Play the niches and look for low cost keyword phrases without much competition, don't go head to head against the big guys.

2) Google AdWords in competitive markets like ours is only for the skilled, and for those who can afford to lose some money while they find the best approaches.

Send your Google visitors to a landing page on your site where you capture your visitor's name and email address and PRE-sell the benefits of clicking through to our Free 5 Day Mini Course. 

Many of your visitors will click through and join the Mini Course (or book the Free Consultation) on their first visit and we'll follow up with them for you.

Then once you have them on your list, follow up with them regularly with great content and articles, and regular recommendations to subscribe to our Free Mini Course if they haven't already done so.

To give you something to work with, here's one of our ads (for the keyword phrase futures trading course) promoting the Free 5 Day Mini Course (and this is the only thing you should be promoting, let us follow up for you to increase your sales and affiliate income) -

Notice I used the keyword the person searching on as the headline, then offered the Mini Course to them. You can do something similar with your ads, send them to a landing page where you capture their details, and then send them on to us.

And finally, I don't want you to worry about us competing with you by bidding for lots of keywords with Adwords. 

We are only bidding on a small list of trading related keywords and by searching through the niches, you should be able to find many keywords to bid on that won't cost you a lot, but will give you a steady stream of visitors to your site.

When you've done your keyword research, log in to your affiliate account here, grab your affiliate link, create some ads to test and let's start mining the AdWords system...

And remember, if you need help with creating your landing page, creating your Google AdWords campaign, or anything else for that matter, please let me know by using this form and I'll do whatever I can to help you succeed.

Thankyou for your being a member of our affiliate program,

Warmest regards,


 P.S. Remember, I'm here to help you to make the most of this opportunity. If you have ANY questions, please contact me by using this form and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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