"Learn to trade the Emini futures the right way from a REAL LIFE professional who is actually doing it!"

Are you sick and tired of reading trading books, paying for home study courses, and spending money on useless trading products without getting results? You are not alone...

"If You Can Follow A Set Of Simple Instructions, I'll
Personally Show You How To Analyze The Emini
Market, Teach You Which High Probability Indicators
To Use, Reveal Clearly How To Enter And Exit
Profitable Trades, And Show You EXACTLY How
To Become A Professional, Profitable Trader"

  • You get "behind-the-scenes" access to my proprietary trading systems and tools, my entry and exit triggers and day-to-day operations

  • You get to personally ask me questions (Yes, ask ME!) for as long as it takes you to become the best trader you can possibly be as we create a trading plan that's specifically for YOU

  • You get everything you need to begin immediately putting a profitable trading business together that will last a lifetime!

From:  Sam Goldberg

Sam Goldberg

Your Futures Trading Coach and Mentor

Re:  Becoming A Professional Emini Trader

Dear friend,

Let me set the record straight, even if it makes a lot of people mad. If you want to start profiting from the Emini market, you do not need more of the same trading 'information' you've been getting up to now.

Chances are, you're in over your head with trading information as it is. Your computer is probably stuffed full with ebooks and reports and tools, your inbox likely overflowing with newsletters and mini-courses and offers, and you've got home-study courses laying around gathering dust.

If words were money, you'd already be rich. You're drowning in trading information, but still your results don't measure up to what you know is possible.

You've got an encyclopaedia of trading books, home-study courses and other stuff at your fingertips.

Let me ask you a simple question...

Is it helping you to trade profitably?

Here's your wake up call: you don't need any more of the same old trading information that's being doled out as 'education' these days. 

You need a simple trading system, explained thoroughly by somebody who's actually using it, so that you finally 'get' what trading the Emini is all about, and a workable, step by step trading plan that pays dividends.

Listen, most of the trading 'stuff' (home study courses, ebooks, black box trading 'systems') for sale today just doesn't cut it (but you probably knew that already, right?).

Truth be told, until you have a system that actually works consistently, a simple system that lets you master the market, a system that leaves no room for guesswork; you don't have a chance of making it as a profitable trader.

Don't believe me - how's your way working so far?

But what if I could help you change all that? What if I could show you a proven system that will help you to cut through all the BS out there and let you finally become a profitable Emini trader?

Did You Write Me This Letter?

Every single day I get the same letter. The name at the end has changed and a few of the details are worded a bit differently. But, it's always basically the same...


Dear Sam,

I know you don't know me, but I really need some help. I've tried everything I know of to become a successful trader and I'm getting nowhere fast. 

I've been trading for a little over 3 years, spent a fortune on courses, seminars and books, but I still can't seem to make it. I'm embarrassed to say that despite everything I've spent buying products and courses, I haven't seen any positive results at all so far. 

I'm not lazy Sam and I don't mind working hard. I just don't know WHAT to do or who to believe anymore. So many people have made promises and claims and yet I'm sitting here nearly bankrupt with my wife mad at me and threatening to leave.

I just need someone to help me understand what to do. I'm not stupid. I just need someone to point me in the right direction and actually show me how to trade profitably.

I don't want another 300 page book to read. I don't want to watch another 24 DVD's on 40 different trade setups with a 175 page workbook to fill out. 

I want somebody to actually take the time to TEACH ME HOW TO TRADE. I need a mentor who will stay with me until I get this business worked out and can finally start making the profits I know others are making.

Do you offer any kind of personal coaching where I can ask questions and we can work together to help me become a profitable trader? I'll be glad to pay for HELP, but I don't just want another trading course that doesn't give me any results.

Can you help me?

Name withheld


Letters like this one really make me feel for the people writing them. We're talking about real people here; guys (and occasionally ladies) who just want the best for themselves and their families.

And they're spinning their wheels taking trading course after trading course, no better off today than they were this time last year (or the year before that). All they've got to show for their efforts are a lot of trading statements and a Broker whose account is growing steadily instead of theirs.

That's gotta stop. If you're one of them, it's gotta stop for you, too. You can't live like that.

The problem with the 'trading education' industry is that for the most part, they sell air, not results. What you need is not more 'stuff' to read, study and learn, but a mentor, an experienced trader who will sit with you for as long as it takes for you to really understand, at the deepest level, how to trade the market and get profitable results.

I think it's a shameful sin the way people in this industry will ask you to pay them hundreds, even thousands of dollars for courses, seminars and training, that simply doesn't give you results.

So here's what I've decided to do about it...

For a limited time, I'm going to offer a totally unique, 5 Day hands on training course I've called The Emini Mastery Coaching Program.

It's different to every other training course out there because instead of just giving you a big box of Training Manuals, DVD's, Audio Tapes and other stuff to study, then letting you fend for yourself with no backup, coaching or support, I'm actually going to sit with you and teach you how to trade LIVE, in real time, for 5 full days. 

You can ask me questions right then and there as they come up, get instant feedback on trades we are taking as they happen, and learn from a master trader how to actually trade the market for a full week.

I'll give you my exact trading rules and Proprietary trading methodology, show you what my entry and exit triggers are, and tell you everything you need to know to become a top-notch Emini trader.

We'll spend 5 days together in a small group, either connected by the Internet from the comfort of your own home (so there's no need to travel, pay hotel bills or disrupt your schedule, and you can be watching the market live on your own screen as you learn), or together here in my office if you prefer, as I coach and guide you until you are a competent, confident, profitable trader, ready to trade the Emini market for a living.

Once your training is complete, you'll be able to wake up in the morning excited, look at your trading screen, and actually know what to do each day. Won't that be a nice change?

But it doesn't stop there....

Once you enroll as an Emini Mastery Coaching Program member, you are a member for LIFE. You can review the complete 5 day live training program as many times as you like, for as long as you like, until you 'know' what to do in any trading situation.

If you have a question about trading in the future, you can call me on the phone or send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. My goal with this program to remove every possible roadblock between you and a profitable trading career. I won't hold anything back - I want you to get results!

Here's Exactly What We'll Cover In The
Emini Mastery Coaching Program

Over 5 days I will teach you a sound and proven Trading Methodology. My trading method is Proprietary and is not available or taught anywhere else.

As a member of The Emini Mastery Coaching Program I will share...

  • The same winning platform and set-up that I use for successful trading (so you are looking at the exact same things I'm looking at as you trade the market)

  • A proven system for reading a candlestick chart like a road map in your sleep (candlesticks are proven to improve your trading results, but only if you know what to look for)

  • How I only take trade set-ups that have an 80% + probability of success (and I'll show you what to look for so you will too. No more second guessing the market...)

  • How to choose from a few very high probability trade set-ups for maximum market penetration (you don't want to be risking your capital in the market when there's a slim chance of making a profit)

  • How to take advantage of my Proprietary 'Peak Off The Flat' set-up (yes I own that one and I'll share it with you in the program. This setup often gives explosive moves and you can catch them once you know exactly what to look for)

  • Why a 'Dip In The Jet Stream' will alert you that the market is ready to fly (this setup also creates powerful, profitable moves with incredible consistency)

  • The signals to look for that generate clear cut for trade entries and exits (you'll know when to enter and exit the market - reduce your stress levels by not wondering if you are in the right way on every trade)

  • How to acquire the discipline that only successful traders have - I will teach it to you as we work together on your trading plan

  • 2 indicators that triple confirm my decision to enter or exit a trade (if you add these to your trading plan you'll massively increase your chances of consistent profits)

  • My personal 90% winning trade that is used 4 out of 5 days, and works like a charm (you'll love this one...)

  • A true Money Management discipline that the Pit Traders utilize (these guys trade for big bucks - they have to get it right and you can too)

  • Finally learn why and when the market is trending and stay with the trend (the trend is your friend...but how do you know if it's trending or not. I'll show you)

But that's not all. As an Emini Mastery Coaching Program member...

  • You will learn the same successful pre market preparation that I use every day (a systemized preparation is one of the keys to successful trading - I'll show you how I prepare for a profitable trading day)

  • I'll show you how to spot a Buy or Sell program and profit from this event (these programs can move markets big-time. You don't want to be on the wrong side of one of these trades...)

  • You'll discover how to keep EMOTION out of your trading so that you trade with discipline only (emotional traders lose. Learn to control your emotions and you can be among our small group of consistent winners)

  • You'll be able to react to the markets movement, make it Automatic (if you think about a trade, you'll probably be either late or wrong. You must learn to react instantly to capture profits when they are there)

  • You'll learn about volume spikes, A/D line, time of day and you'll discover a new ability to take advantage of price moves at last (won't that be a refreshing change?)

  • I'll show you how to determine when the market is really trending and what you should do (trading trends will make you money, trading counter trends or sideways markets will send you broke...I'll show you how to trade the trends)

  • I'll reveal the #1 reason most traders lose money and how we can change that immediately (it's simple, but will make a profound difference to your trading)

  • You'll learn about Support and Resistance - these two powerful allies will become your best friends in trading

  • Discover how to catch 70% of a market move during a trend (letting your profits run sounds simple enough in theory but is often much more difficult in practice. I'll show you how to capture the big moves, hold your ground, and not exit until the move is most likely over)

  • We will learn how to limit our losses on our losing trades (all traders have losses, it's just a part of doing business. I'll show you how to limit your losses while letting your profits run)

  • You'll always use stops and you'll actually know where to place them (stop losses are mandatory for Emini traders. The problem is, they often take you out of a trade too early. I'll show you where to put your stops for maximum safety while minimizing early exits)

  • You'll learn how to trade Economic news while other traders are still asleep (news moves markets. You can catch others napping if you know what to look for)

  • I'll show you how we never let a winning day turn into a losing one (locking in profits is a strategy that losing traders never consider. I'll show you how I do it)

  • You'll be privy to all my chart patterns and set-ups (you'll be able to look at any chart and know what to do any time one of these high probability trade setups occurs)

  • I'll teach you why the market moves at specific times of the day (and how you can profit from this)

  • and much, much more...

See, my goal with this coaching program is to have you come out the other side as a competent, confident and profitable trader.

As we work together we will diagnose what's currently great with your trading, and what needs attention. You will discover proven ways of capturing extra profits and avoiding losses.

I'll show you how to identify profitable trades in all types of markets and generate consistent profits you can take to the bank.

We'll ignite your passion for trading, unravel the mystery of the market, simplify the trading process and overcome every obstacle that's been holding you back up to now... 

By the end of our 5 days together, you'll have a personalized trading system that you can continue working FOREVER. That's right, it's completely scalable and flexible. Trade 1 contract, or 5, or more depending on your account balance (and I'll go into all of this with you).

Regardless of what happens in the market, this system continues to work because of its structure.

It's the same basic system I've been using since 1997. The basic foundational system that you'll learn will continue to be effective for you as long as you are willing to use it.

Seriously, the Emini Mastery Coaching Program will change your life...

You'll finally learn how to "put it all together" so it makes sense. And so it makes money.

Who Qualifies To Enroll?

This 5 day program with lifetime personal mentoring and follow up is perfect for people of all levels of experience and knowledge. 

  • Are You A Beginner? The program is perfect for you because it will help you to avoid a lot of the frustration and failures that we've all faced already...because you'll have a solid system in place from the beginning. 

  • Are You Experienced? Made a little money, but spent a whole lot more? If you've got a lot of ideas, information and a general sense of what you want to do, this coaching course will help you put it all together into a workable day-by-day plan for REAL success. 

  • Are You A Pro? If so, then you absolutely need this coaching program because you'll learn how to take it to the next level and multiply what you're already doing...

You'll Be Disappointed If...

You'll be disappointed if you're expecting me to give this away for the price of a cheap ebook or a home study course that doesn't help you to actually get results. That's not gonna happen. I charge up to $500 for one hour of telephone consultation when I discuss my system ... and you're getting access to me for as long as you need it!

No, this is much, much different. 

This proprietary system is worth its weight in gold. It has brought me and others I've trained a VERY enviable lifestyle and much more. It's priceless, really.

But, I do need to name a price. So, let's see if we can come to a fair and equitable price for all involved.

Let me ask you this: how much have you already spent on 'learning' how to trade?

Seriously, think of all of the products, ebooks, forum memberships, home study courses, seminars - how much money have you already spent? And how much time have you invested (some would say wasted)?

  • What would it be worth to you to finally show all the nay-sayers and armchair critics (not to mention that nagging little voice inside your head, yeah, you know the one) that you can make it as a trader? And not just make it, but make it big!

  • What would it be worth to you to get a system in place that actually brings results?

  • What would it be worth to finally stop 'learning' how to trade and actually start doing it for a living, every day?

Listen, if you know me at all, or if we've talked on the phone, then you know that I am incredibly passionate about helping people. I have literally taken money out of my own pocket and left it in the hands of the customer by not charging what my coaching services are worth.

The bottom line is, I really do care about people. And I want to make things as affordable as I can.

While I could easily charge $16,000 - $20,000 for this coaching (That's not just a number I made up, it's based on what other people are charging for cheap home study coaching courses and 'coaching' that 99% of the time simply doesn't work, and doesn't include anything like the follow up and mentoring you'll be getting from me). 

If I did however, I know that would exclude most people who really NEED the decade of profitable trading knowledge I'm offering here from ever participating. So you won't pay anywhere near that much to join me in this program.

I Will Not Let You Fail...

Remember, this will be the last Emini training course you'll ever have to pay for. If you are accepted into this program, I will not let you fail. I will work with you one-on-one until you become a profitable trader. You can review the 5 day training session as many times as you like forever. End of story...

When you join you'll get...

  • 37 hours of live personal training over 5 full days where you'll learn my proven system for trading the market

  • Lifetime follow up and support

  • PLUS personal access to me by phone, email and Skype so you can pick my brains whenever you like

  • ...and everything else you need to succeed

The fact is, this training is most likely going to be worth a fortune to you in the months and years ahead.

So bearing in mind all of that, I'm going to knock thousands off the "fair market value" of The Emini Mastery Coaching Program.

So, how much will you pay for my proprietary system and it's deadly accurate trade analysis?

Your one-time investment in this life changing trading course is just $9,997. 

Application process: I am not accepting orders directly; you must submit an online application which must be approved. I personally interview each potential student to make sure they have what it takes to make it as a professional Emini trader - trading at this level is NOT for everyone. 

(Note: We do reject about 1/3 of the applications that come in. It's important to us that students be ready for this.)

During your interview, I will discuss how the
The Emini Mastery Coaching Program works with you in detail and once accepted, your training will begin with the next available coaching class.

My Personal Guarantee:

If you enroll as a member of The Emini Mastery Coaching Program, I will work with you as your mentor and coach for as long as it takes for you to become a successful trader.

You are a member of the program for LIFE. There is no time limit. You can attend the 5 day LIVE online training sessions with me when they are held as many times as you like without additional cost until you are comfortable trading the Emini market and you are ready to make it on your own.

You can call or email me with your trading questions and I'll be happy to answer them for you as quickly as I can. I won't leave you on your own with a 300 page manual to study and a stack of DVD's that only get you more confused, I want you to succeed, and my goal is for you to get the results you are after as a trader. Nothing less...

Fair enough? 

Looks like I just took away your only excuse for not joining us now.

The tuition for this training is a tiny drop in the ocean compared to the money you could make as a successful trader. You will be learning my proprietary, proven, totally mechanical trading system. The same system I've used to make up to several thousand dollars a day trading the Emini market.

You'll have specific, set in concrete trading rules and filters that will give you a 'triple confirmation' trigger before you enter any trade. There's simply no room for guesswork or personal bias with this system. It just works when you use it.

What is a system that can do that really worth to you?

Now, if you don't think it's worth applying for a position to learn how to trade like a pro and sucking a fortune out of the Emini market, then you haven't been paying attention. If you don't think it's worth ANY price, then you don't value my time. And you don't value your time either.

There should be a smile on your face right now. If you are serious, you're gonna love what I share with you...

But don't take my word for it...

By now you're probably thinking, "yeah sure, show me some proof that this actually works", right?

I am not a believer in the typical testimonials many other people use online because they all sound so good it's hard to know what's true and what's not (have you ever seen a bad testimonial anywhere?). 

However, I would like to share two letters I received from recent graduates of my 5-day coaching program, so you can get a feel for just what you could learn from the training.

The first letter is from Dr Phillip Waldman, an Osteopath based in the UK. Phil said...


"haven’t had a red day in 3 weeks..."

I have sampled quite a few trading systems over the years, and Sam’s is the one that does it for me. It strips away a lot of the fog that can come with a technical approach and definitely shows you the wood from the trees.

Registered Osteopath and Futures Trader Phillip Waldman

His set-ups get you into trades consistently earlier than any other method I have come across, and long before the trend continuation set-ups I was using before. 

His method keeps you in the trade longer, and teaches you to ruthlessly cut your losing positions, something which so few traders are able to do. 

Having gone from really struggling to put together winning days I am now in a position where I haven’t had a red day in 3 weeks. 

Thanks Sam,

Dr Phillip Waldman

To read Phillip's full letter to me, please visit this page (opens in a new window).


The second letter was sent to me by Anthony Boyatzis who lives in Perth, Western Australia...


I never thought making a lot of money
could be so much fun!

After completing your 5-day course I knew I had stumbled across something extremely powerful. I walked away after 5 days with enough ammunition to succeed in a big way and shrug those trading monkeys off my back once and for all. I knew I had chosen well my trading mentor and coach.

You introduced me to many rules of the game of trading that I never knew existed. You have not only informed me of those rules and how they apply but also how to benefit from knowing them. This in itself has greatly contributed to and allowed me to obtain a 70%+ win: loss ratio in my trading. 

Your method is phenomenal and I am both extremely grateful and thankful that you have been willing to share with me such a powerful discovery. As you know I am using it wisely and plan to keep building on the high level of success I am currently achieving as I move into the future.

I never thought making a lot of money could be so much fun!

Thank you very much for everything. 


Anthony Boyatzis

Professional Trader
Perth, Australia

To read Anthony's full letter to me, please visit this page (opens in a new window).


When was the last time you read such heart felt messages from students of a futures trading coach?

But, hold on...

Only 25 Lucky People Will Be Accepted

You'll have to pardon this crass statement, but this ain't no cheap eBook. It's personal access. Not everyone gets in. It's an exclusive coaching program that only a few people will ever have access to. 

Due to the personal nature of this coaching program, I can only accept 25 people. That's it. I simply don't have time to interact with more students than that. And each class will be also limited in the number of students accepted, so if you want to get in now, you had better reserve your spot before they fill up (and they will).

If you're not one of the first 25 in total to join, then you'll simply miss out.

But, we're not gonna let that happen, are we?

Oh, and one last thing; it's important.

Two Mandatory Qualifications
Before You Enroll:

You MUST accept my "non-disclosure" agreement before enrolling. Since I'll be sharing the REAL trading plan, rules and methods I use daily in my own trading business AND a proprietary system for creating wealth from trading the Emini market, you will only be accepted into the coaching program if you agree to NEVER share one single thing you learn in our sessions together.

This is incredibly valuable information that I
'm not going to let show up everywhere in cheap $17 ebooks, in other people's home study courses, or free somewhere on the Internet. By paying your tuition, you agree to complete secrecy; you agree that you will NOT reveal anything I share with you to others.

You MUST also accept my "non-compete" agreement before enrolling. Again, since I'll be sharing my complete trading system and handing you everything you need to make a fortune trading the Emini market on a platter, you will only be accepted into the coaching program if you agree to NEVER teach anybody else anything you learn in our sessions together, through any sort of coaching program, ebook, training manual or via any other media.

Remember, you agree to complete secrecy; you agree that you will NOT reveal anything I share with you to others in any form whatsoever.

If you are accepted, you'll also 

receive this exclusive bonus... 

Daily Alert Emails, Support And Resistance Levels And Market Updates

In addition to everything you'll learn during our time together, every day before the market opens I'll send you an exclusive email message that will contain -

  • The critical support and resistance pivot points for the days trade so you'll know what to expect when the market opens (and don't worry if you're not sure how to use these yet, I'll show you during our 5 days together

  • Important economic news that's due out during the trading day which is likely to move the market so you're prepared for whatever happens during the day

  • My 'Quote Of The Day' - some will make you smile, some will test you, some will inspire...but you'll look forward to this each morning as you prepare for your trading day

Armed with the information and insights you'll learn in our 5 days together, and each trading days support and resistance levels (and market moving economic news), you will have everything you need to trade the Emini market professionally.

Can you see the value of knowing exactly what high probability signals to look for as you trade instead of never being quite sure what to expect?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a proven trading system working for you, day in, day out, whenever you enter the market.

How important is this to you? And how important is it that it happens NOW? 

Are you looking forward to finally becoming a confident, consistently profitable trader? How much would that be worth to you?

Don't you feel you deserve success after all the effort you've already put in to learning this business?

And isn't it reassuring to know that I'll be here with you every step of the way, to mentor, coach and guide you for as long as you need me?

The next Emini Mastery Coaching Program begins soon.

Listen, there's nothing I can say now to convince you one way or the other. You made up your mind ten minutes ago. Now, it's just a matter of formality. Apply for membership below and let's get to work on turning you into a consistent, profitable Emini trader.

It's time to stop dabbling and spinning your wheels and going in circles.

Let's do this.

To apply for membership to this exclusive coaching program, you MUST complete the application form below and spend at least 30 minutes on the phone with me before you will be accepted into this training course.

As I mentioned, not everyone gets in. I'm very selective about who I'll train, and quite frankly, I've turned away many students who I felt weren't passionate enough to become successful traders.

Why? Because I only want to train people who will take the system I'll be sharing and become wildly successful. I don't want to take people who aren't passionate about trading - I will only train people who want trading to be their career, their business, their profession, their obsession...

Therefore, you have to 'pass the test' so to speak. If you are serious about becoming a VERY successful trader, in fact, if you want to make a fortune trading the market, this course is for you. If that isn't you, that's OK, but I need to know right up front before we get started...

Emini Mastery Coaching Program
Enrollment Form

YES, Sam this is exactly what I've been waiting for, Count Me In! I'm eager to become a lifetime member of the Emini Mastery Coaching Program. I know that with your mentoring and support I can finally make it as a profitable Emini trader!

Please accept my application for membership - I understand that I may not be accepted into the program, but if I am accepted I will be entitled to:

  • 5 Full Days (approx. 37 hours) of personal, hands on coaching and trading tuition with you live from the comfort of my home or with you at your office

  • LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to your Personal Mentoring Program where I can contact you by telephone, email or Skype to get answers to my trading questions

  • Daily email updates before the market opens every trading day which will show me the day's critical pivot points where support and resistance can be expected

  • Daily updates of critical, potentially market-moving economic news so I'm prepared for whatever happens during the day

  • A complete diagnosis of what's currently good about my trading, and what needs attention. I will discover proven ways of capturing extra profits from the market while avoiding many of my current losses

  • A thorough understanding of how to identify profitable trades in all markets and generate consistent profits that I can take to the bank.

  • Your PERSONAL GUARANTEE that you will continue to work with me for as long as it takes me to become the best trader I can possibly be...

All this for a one-time small investment of ONLY $9,997

NOTE:  This is "ONE ON ONE" mentoring for a FULL WEEK with SAM GOLDBERG AND YOU ONLY!

This is not offered anywhere else and nothing out there on the internet is remotely similar to what SAM GOLDBERG has to offer.

So if you want to learn how to REALLY trade the markets and make consistent income, sign up for a FREE consultation. You have nothing to lose and all to gain. ACT now before you miss out.!

I'm ready to start now Sam, so here's my application...

My Name Is:
Street Address:
Best Time To Call Me:

I hate Spam with a passion. Your email address is safe and will never be sold, rented or given to anyone else without your permission

* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this course and its potential. I cannot and do not guarantee you'll make any specific amount of money after you complete the Emini Mastery Coaching Program. In fact, I cannot and do not guarantee you'll make any money at all. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.

As soon as you register, I'll be in touch by email so we can work out the best time to talk on the phone or Skype. 

And if you have any questions at any time, please let me know by using this form. Thank you again for registering for this exclusive coaching program.

To your trading success,

Warmest regards,

Futures Trading Coach.com

P.S. If you would like me to personally show you how to analyze the Emini market, teach you which high probability indicators to use, reveal clearly how to enter and exit profitable trades, and show you EXACTLY how to become a professional, profitable trader, make sure you book your place in the Emini Mastery Coaching Program using the form above Now!

P.P.S. If you have any questions about whether the Emini Mastery Program is right for you, or you're not sure about anything at all, please email me by using this form or give me a call on 954-464-4100 and let me know.

P.P.P.S. If you decide NOT to enroll in the Emini Mastery Program (you know, like if you're crazy or something :-), then remember this: Don't keep spending your hard-earned money on information that won't help you. Get a proven trading system in place and follow it. I wish you every success in your trading career.

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