Are you sick of just 'learning' how to trade Emini futures? Isn't it time you started making real money from your trading?

Who Else Wants To Become A Profitable Emini Futures Trader?

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to trade the Emini contract knowing exactly where to enter, where to exit, and actually start to make consistent profits from your trading?

Well now you can!

My name is Sam Goldberg, and I've been a full time professional Emini trader for the last 12 years. I've seen pretty much everything that can happen in the Emini market happen, and traded my way profitably through it all.

What that means is that I'm qualified to share what I know about profitably trading the Emini's with you and help you to learn exactly how to trade like I do, so you can stop 'learning' how to trade and finally step up to the plate and actually start DOING it profitably.

In the past I've kept these proprietary trading secrets to myself, but after much coaxing from many other people, I've decided to show a small group of aspiring traders my methods and coach them to become successful Emini traders too.

So to get started, I want to SHOW you, in real time, how I trade. For three days, you get to watch me LIVE as I call trades in the market.

Here's how it works...

  • For 3 full trading days, we'll be connected via Skype as you watch your screen and I place trades, both long and short, live in front of you

  • When I see a trade set up, I'll tell you exactly what I'm doing so you can see it happen in real time

  • I'll tell you where my entry and my stop loss is so there's no smoke and mirrors. I can't B.S. you or fudge the results because you'll be watching as I trade

  • When it's time to exit I'll tell you the exact price, and the final profit or loss on the trade

  • You'll see exactly how a successful futures trader trades the Emini contract in real time

So, how much does it cost to watch me trade the Emini market LIVE in front of you so you can see how I do it and that my methodology works?

Well since nobody else is offering anything like this, and most people (well the ones who are making money anyway) keep their trading methods hidden, I think I could charge at least $497 for this 3 day live event.

Many futures trading coaches charge more than $1,000 for a cheap Trading Manual, some CD's or DVD's and maybe one or two coaching telephone calls or emails (if you're lucky).

The top traders charge $10,000 or more to coach you (if they will coach you at all)...

But for the first 10 people who respond to this special promotion, all you'll pay to watch me trade LIVE in front of you for 3 days is $9.97.

No that's not a misprint.

Nine dollars and ninety seven cents is all it takes for you to watch a professional futures trader profit from the market.

Am I nuts?

Well not really.

So why am I letting you watch me trade for such an insanely small amount of money when it's clearly worth at least 50 times that?

Well the truth is that I'm so confident that once you've SEEN me trade profitably, you'll want to know more.

Honestly there's only so much I can teach you over 3 days when the market's running. But there's so much more I'd like to share to help make you a better, more profitable trader.

So this is my way of PROVING to you that I know what I'm doing.

Then after that, it's up to you if you'd like to take it further and start doing it for yourself...

I've taught many traders how to successfully trade the Emini. Here's what two of them said after going through my coaching program...



So now it's your turn. 

A class if forming right now, so if you would like to watch me trade the Emini futures market LIVE for 3 full days for just $9.97, click on the Signup button below, and register for the next class. 

Once you do I'll give you all the details of how you can learn how to profitably trade the Emini contract from a professional trader instantly via email.

Futures Trading Coach Signup Form

YES, Sam this is exactly what I've been waiting for! I'm eager to watch and learn as you SHOW me how you trade the Emini futures market for 3 FULL DAYS. 

I know that this is the fastest and easiest way to begin my journey towards becoming a profitable Emini trader!

I'm really looking forward to helping you take your trading to a whole new, much more profitable level,

Warmest regards,

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